TOSTI Group is a reality of excellence based in Canelli, in the heart of Piedmont, which produces and sells all over the world sparkling wines, wines, aperitifs, liqueurs and quality bitters. The group increases its development capacity every year in a very competitive market, through the organization, technology, dynamism of the offer and the ability to create product value.

Research and development and proactivity allow Tosti Group to meet and anticipate the changing needs of consumers by offering innovative products and great classics of tradition reinterpreted in a contemporary style.


The fundamental trait of the company’s DNA is QUALITY, which must be absolute and without compromise. Tosti Group products, at all levels, guarantee great qualitative excellence thanks to the enological and herbal deep expertise.

Innovation in tradition with great space for creativity and design to offer products with a unique and distinctive image.

A perfect synthesis of this vision is the Tosti bottle, the iconic image of the group, which, unique in the world, has a belly button: a highly impactful and highly recognizable trait.


TOSTI Group products receive prestigious awards and national and international quality certificates every year. The greatest recognition for the Group, however, is the millions of bottles sold in the world to satisfied consumers, a source of great pride and drive to continue to improve in the future.


All over the world we are toasting with Tosti Group products. The company’s hard work over the years has brought the group’s range to the 5 continents, spreading the values of Made in Italy.


Tosti Group quality comes from beauty. In fact, the group is based in Canelli, in the heart of the Langhe and Monferrato, a territory that is unique in the world for its wine vocation.
A territory recognized in 2014 by UNESCO as a world heritage site for the beauty of its landscapes.

The wise work of the winemakers has made the rolling hills a true masterpiece that enchants those who live, work or visit.
Canelli is also the heart of the production area of the white muscat with Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin and the home of Italian bubbles. In fact, both the Charmat and Metodo Classico of sparkling wine were born in Canelli.
A territory rich in history, tradition and beauty.


One of the assets of the Tosti group are the 500 farmer-suppliers families who cultivate their vineyards with great passion and love to give the grapes to the company.

A bond of long-standing loyalty that makes possible a complete control of the entire supply chain and the guarantee of a quality raw material from the most suitable areas of Monferrato and the Langhe.


Every year the link between the suppliers and the Group becomes tangible during the harvest period. The winery comes alive with the arrival of the winemakers who give their harvest and deliver the grapes into the hands of our winemakers.


Tosti Group has always believed that the quality and safety of its products represents the first element for the sustainable development of the company. This conviction has resulted in the implementation of the quality management system and of hygienic sanitary control, in compliance with the laws in force and the applicable voluntary regulations.
The group’s commitment to quality has been realized, since many years, by obtaining prestigious certifications from accredited certification bodies.


The Group can boast the following certificates:

  • BRC (British Retail Consortium)
    Global Standard for Food Safety
  • IFS (International Featured Standard) Food

50,000 hectoliters of capacity for one of the refrigerated environments of larger storage of Piedmont: temperature controlled to ensure maximum freshness of the wort, as if it were freshly squeezed.


At every stage of the production chain, taking care and improving the environment in which it operates is a primary objective for Tosti Group.

The group is guided in all its choices by the criterion of Sustainability at a Social, Environmental and Economic level.

The culture and philosophy of all Tosti Group staff embody care and respect for environment.

At all levels of the production chain we follow standards defined with the aim of improving the environmental, social and economic impact of the company.


Thanks to this commitment and the achievement of the goals set, Tosti Group obtained the EQUALITAS certification.


Download Tosti Group Sustainability Report 2021-2022


Leading brand of the group is the specialist of Italian bubbles since 1820. The production of sparkling wines Tosti also supports a premium offer of Vermouth that has its roots in the great Piedmontese and Turin tradition of this specialty.
Great quality and focus on design for modern, excellent and catching products for the contemporary toasts.

ArtSpritz represents the historic Italian tradition of the orange aperitif reinterpreted in a modern way to offer everyone toasts that trigger the party. Selected and single infusioned herbs and spices give your Spritz Cocktail a great personality fully italian thanks to its DNA ripen in Piedmont in the Bosca family in 200 years of wine and aperitif making tradition.

The one and only amaro based on wine and Nizza Monferrato Cardoon. Recreate from the ancient recipe of Bosca’s herbalist wineblender this bitter tonic liquer has countless health-giving properties taken from the cardoon. With its pleasantly bitter taste it’s perfect to side any occasion particularly after a good meal.

The i Somelieri brand was born to enhance the great Piedmont grape varieties by offering quality wines at an affordable price.
Piedmontese DOC wines that in less than fifteen years have been recognized by the market and by consumers as an excellent quality “best buy”.

Torlasco is the essence of the Piedmontese wine tradition. The great enological masterpieces of the area have been reinterpreted to satisfy the most demanding markets and palates. The uniqueness of the image of Torlasco wines is represented by a family of historical figures who are likely to have dealt with the long history of the Bosca family. History, style and image for a series of refined Piedmontese wines rich in personality.

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